Submit Your Strategy

Hi traders!

If you want us to backtest your trading strategy and you don’t mind us sharing it publicly on YouTube, you can submit it now.

Testing your own strategy before using it to trade any financial market is extremely important, that would avoid you losing your hard-earned cash and will allow you to monetize the strategy and come up with high probability setups.

If your strategy works, you can hire someone to back-test it on your behalf and get a second opinion. Otherwise, you can create a trading expert advisor that runs according to your strategy rules. You can learn how to create an expert advisor with the help of this Udemy course: LINK

If your strategy passes the two abovementioned conditions, I invite you to open up a demo trading account with our recommended tier-1 regulated and low spread broker (LINK)and begin testing the strategy in live market conditions. It’s important in my opinion to trade your strategy on a demo account for at least 4 months, that will allow you to collect enough data to support your choice of this strategy or to be used in any further optimization needed.

Backtesting trading strategies builds up the confidence among traders about the success of any trading strategy before implementing it in real market conditions. In general, if a strategy has proven itself profitable in the past then there are high chances that it will work successfully in the future. Do you require a test drive before buying your car, why don’t you do that before using any trading strategy?

Ready to submit your trading strategy? Here you go!